Havel - Mechanics, hydraulinen telankiristin

Hydraulic track tensioner

The popular HAVEL track tensioner helps you to tension forestry machine tracks in a matter of minutes. With a hydraulic pump, track tensioning is quick with the efficient and durable HAVEL hydraulic tensioner. Tracks can be installed easily using the auxiliary links delivered with the tensioner.

Reliable, carefree and fast track tensioning.
Tensions the track blades one side at a time, making it easier to put a new link in position.
The carefully planned design ensures that the tensioner remains in position, thus resulting in care-free tensioning.
Suitable for almost all track models of forestry machines. Towing capacity 3000 kg.

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Havel - Mechanics, hydraulinen telankiristin
Havel - Mechanics, mekaaninen telankiristin

Mechanical track tensioner

A mechanical and handy HAVEL track tensioner for professional use. The mechanical tensioner works like the hydraulic tensioner, but the tensioning is achieved by using a bolt gun, ratchet wrench or other wrench. The frame of the HAVEL track tensioner is sturdy, and the treated surface can withstand wear and tear.

Similar operating method compared to the hydraulic tensioner – several tensioning methods.
A track tensioner means that it is no longer necessary to turn track blades manually.
Weighing less than 20 kg, the mechanical tensioner is portable just like other maintenance tools.
Handy auxiliary links for installing tracks will be delivered with the HAVEL track tensioner.
Havel - Mechanics, mekaaninen telankiristin
Havel - Mechanics, ketjunkiristin

Chain tensioner

With the HAVEL chain tensioner, it is easy to assemble, tighten and remove even heavy chains. The chain tensioner has been designed for use by one person. An indispensable tool for contractors and anyone working with chains.

A scissor-like model and a manual crank make fastening a quick process.
Easy to use – place the tips of the scissors to the chain links and tighten.
The HAVEL chain tensioner has utility model protection.
Practical size – light-weight and easy to take along.
Havel - Mechanics, ketjunkiristin
Havel - Mechanics, sokanpoistaja

Pin remover

A durable and portable tool for quick pin removal. With the HAVEL pin remover, you can remove pins from chains easily. With the HAVEL tool, pin removal will take well under a minute. Frustration with pin removal is history.

Solid structure – unyielding, can withstand consecutive blows.
Place the pin in the tool, tap a few times with a hammer – and the pin will become loose.
Strong and sturdy handle for improved ergonomics.
HAVEL’s long-lasting and practically tested first-class quality.
Havel - Mechanics, sokanpoistaja