Havel - Mechanics, hydraulinen telankiristin
Havel - Mechanics, mekaaninen telankiristin

Track Tensioners

HAVEL Track Tensioners make track assembly, tightening and removal quick and easy. You can choose either a hydraulic or mechanical track tensioner, depending on your work method. HAVEL track tensioners are designed for heavy use and they have a great reputation among contractors.

A quick and effortless track tensioner available in a hydraulic or a mechanical version.
Suitable for almost all track models of forestry machines. Towing capacity 3000 kg.
The light-weight track tensioners are easy to carry along with other maintenance equipment.
Manufactured in Finland from durable materials with decades of expertise.
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Havel - Mechanics, hydraulinen telankiristin
Havel - Mechanics, mekaaninen telankiristin
Pin remover

Chain Tensioners and Pin Removers

With the popular HAVEL Chain Tensioner you can easily tighten chains with a bolt gun. In addition tightening is possible in the traditional way manually. Combine the tool with the HAVEL Pin Remover and you can remove chain pins without unnecessary efforts.

Practical size – lightweight and easy to take along.
HAVEL Pin Remover is fast; it takes well under a minute.
Say hello to fast and easy chain installation and removal!
All HAVEL products are durable and can be used in all circumstances.
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Back in the day, we had an idea for a particular product that has by now become the company’s main product: the hose guard. The hose guard production method is the result of several years of research. Our customers include leading machine and equipment manufacturers in Finland and abroad. Our company’s product range also includes chain and track tools, stump grinders and Ranturi boat racks. We have been manufacturing Ranturi products already for nearly 30 years, and we have become one of the leading boat rack manufacturers in Finland. Our family company is located in Ilomantsi, and our values include constant development and reliability, both regarding quality and efficient service. We can provide a good price-quality ratio for our products thanks to our own cost-efficient and modern 2500 m2 premises as well as the Ilomantsi staff dedicated to the company’s goals. Our products are exported to more than 20 countries. Hassinen Veljekset Oy is happy to provide you expert assistance – contact us!