Finland is one of the leading tyre recycling countries in Europe, and HAVEL wants to do its part in encouraging this development and maintain Finnish know-how for the sake of a more ecological environment. Recycling tyres reduces solvent emissions and the introduction of hazardous PAH compounds into the atmosphere and the environment that usually occur during the tyre manufacturing process. Made from durable rubber and supported with a strong steel structure, truck tyres are an excellent recyclable material for products that have to withstand wear and tear.

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Rubber blade

The HAVEL rubber blade is great for use on ploughing equipment, working neatly and softly. Thanks to their structure and rubber quality, recycled tyres can withstand commendably hard wear and tear. A rubber blade will considerably reduce noise pollution, also protecting all kinds of surfaces against abrasion. The advantage of a rubber blade over a hard metal blade is particularly evident when driving over storm water drain covers and cobblestones, for example.

A safe and environmentally friendly product for efficient ploughing.
Protects storm water drain covers, street pavement edges and lawns against abrasion.
The products are manufactured from high-quality recycled truck tyres.
The HAVEL rubber blade is a practically silent tool for ploughs.
Havel - Mechanics telankiristimet, ketjutyökalut, kantojyrsimet ja kumituotteet
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Mixing blade

The HAVEL rubber mixing blade for concrete mixers will considerably increase the blade maintenance interval compared to traditional blades. In addition to its durability, the HAVEL concrete blade is affordable as well, making it a very cost-efficient option. The rubber blade will also keep its shape and functionality for a long time when used as a scraper in the concrete mixer, protecting the concrete mixer against abrasion.

Long-lasting and affordable mixing blade.
The rubber blade can also be used as a scraper in concrete mixers.
Rubber blades and scrapers are gentle on concrete mixers.
Long maintenance interval improves cost-efficiency.
Havel - Mechanics, sekoitinlapa